THE Crossfit Valley Park STORY

Brandon Jackson owner of Crossfit Valley Park

Brandon Jackson - OWNER

10+ years ago, Mel & I got out of professional baseball and into fitness. We’d fallen in love in the 7th/8th grade and spent our post-high school days traveling the minor leagues, but after some injuries and road-weariness, we were both hungry to settle in and start a family. Mel is an amazing hair stylist and I (Brandon) started out as a Private Fitness Instructor until I stumbled upon the opportunity to partner with two great guys in co-owning Crossfit VP. Very quickly we became a lightning rod for the Crossfit movement and had success pioneering a team for the Crossfit Games & inspiring new Crossfit gyms all over St. Louis.

By 2016, our business partners decided to pursue other opportunities, so Mel & I became the sole owners, inheriting an amazing culture of incredible Crossfit VP members. The truth is, Mel & I love to do things together. Our heart & passion is serving our Crossfit Family and we see our gym as an extension of the amazing relationship we’ve been blessed to enjoy. We want that kind of love, family, and fitness for everyone who comes into CFVP and we’ve watched it spread far beyond our gym, as CFVP inspires members, coaches & new owners to make their mark in Crossfit. Many St. Louis Crossfitters started here with us, and we celebrate their success, as we can’t wait to do the same for you. We believe Crossfit is for everyone. Our why may sound corny, but it’s a four-letter word we’ve found has transformed us, strengthened those around us and built unbreakable Crossfitters: love. It’s just that simple for us, it’s why we do what we do, and who we want to be. Welcome to Crossfit Valley Park, Brandon and Melanie Jackson.


Christiana Siegelin coach at Crossfit Valley Park

Christiana Siegelin


CFL2 Certified, Adaptive Athlete Certified. Coach Chris is passionate about enabling every individual to pursue the best version of themselves. She desires to find creative ways to adapt and tailor fitness to each member and their needs. Coach Chris invests deeply in the lives of her members so that they feel cared for in and outside of the gym!

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Brandon Jackson coach at Crossfit Valley Park

Brandon Jackson


CFL1 Certified. Owner Brandon Jackson takes time out of his busy schedule to be face to face with the members in his gym. He desires to create a space where each member feels known and loved. He equally desires for every individual to attain their goals and has developed a great team to help take on that task.

Natali Kummer coach at Crossfit Valley Park

Natali Kummer


CFL1 Certified. Women's Health Specialist. Coach Nat desires to empower every member in her classes to have autonomy and drive in their workouts. She especially desires to educate women on how they can optimize their fitness regimens in accordance to the way their body functions monthly. She is constantly learning and growing so that she can help educate each member!

Max Ruhl coach at Crossfit Valley Park

Max Ruhl


Coach Max is a Lacrosse Coach by trade and brings his coaching expertise to each class. He is constantly motivating and encouraging members to chase excellent technique and discipline. He develops meaningful relationships with the members and learns how to best coach each member in the way they need!

Monica Kunkel coach at Crossfit Valley Park

Monica Kunkel


Precision Nutrition Certified. Coach Monica is our Nutrition Specialist and is a crucial part of our members journey. She helps members find the connection between healthy fitness habits and complimentary eating habits. She is passionate about helping members pursue their goals by educating and providing useful tools along the way!

Ed Bielik


Ed has coached Olympic Lifting for over 10 years. He specializes in working with teens on developing strength, power, and agility. His programs help familiarize teens with the weightroom and set them up well to perform at their peak in their specific sport.

Greg Judice

PT, DPT, OCS, Owner of Judice Sports & Rehab

Kaitlyn Belisle

DC of Performance Chiropractic

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