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You don’t have to be a blockhead


You don’t have to be a blockhead

Ok we all want to be in the "Zone". I am a Zonie myself. I used to work for Dr. Barry Sears, the God of the Zone Diet. So what's up with the blocks? How many blocks of which macro-nutrient is best for me in my quest to fulfill my goals? How do I recalculate blocks if I want to make a change? All of these are reasonable questions with fairly easy answers, yet for someone just starting a new eating program, it can be intimidating. One of the foundational pillars of the Zone is to keep it simple. 40-30-30. Whereas 40 percent of your calories come from low density carbohydrates (that is fresh veggies and fruits, not high density carbs such as pastas and bread) 30 percent lean protein, and another 30 from mono-unsaturated fat (olive oil, nuts, avocado etc..) Ok so what does that look like on a plate, and what about portion sizes? Again, keeping it simple, let's start with the lean protein component. Chicken or turkey breast, fish or lean beef or bison the size of the palm of your hand is a great start. Then add twice that volume to your plate with veggies and or fruit.Veggies sauteed in olive oil, or fruit with some nuts provides the fat. Keep this mental image of your plate in your mind, and you should find some clarity. Then once you understand the basic fundamentals……… Be a Blockhead!!!!!

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  1. bret kleefuss

    Saturated fat is a wonderful and healthy means to get calories from fat. IMO, its as healthy or healthier than any other fat out there. I mean, of course it is. We evolved eating every part of the animal, including the fat.

    The problem is that the animals now are being fed grains. This corrupts the fatty acid profile of the saturated fat within the animal. It also leads to an animal with a higher proportion of fat than its evolutionary predecessors.

    So…IMO, nothing wrong at all with saturated fats from meat that has been grass-fed, or from saturated fats from meats from a feedlot IF YOU ARE TAKING A TON OF FISH OIL TO BALANCE THE FATTY ACIDS YOU INGEST. Antibiotics, etc., are another issue.

  2. Herb

    For those of us who aren't watching our cholesterol, I agree. Paleolithic Man didn't get his fats from eating nuts alone. But for those who are, I would still rather see a healthy component of mono unsaturated fats. Who's IMO?

  3. bret kleefuss

    In My Opinion (IMO).

    I subscribe to Dr. Eades' take on the whole cholesterol mythology. His articles explain it all much, much better than I could. A very valuable resource, especially for those who have been told by their doctors to watch their cholesterol:

  4. Eades's website is great. One of my favorite Low-carb resources. He's an independent, responsible physician who's not afraid to question orthodoxy.

    Also, I like any nutrition authority that makes room in his diet for Jameson on the rocks.


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