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Working Hard


Working Hard

Kara funk

Tawn o-lifting

Our girls are working hard getting ready for the Regional qualifier. We will be hosting a tryout to determine which 3 will make the team. The tentative date is April 19th and we'll keep you posted. Make sure you come out and cheer them on.  They have really come a long way in learning the Olympic lifts and they are getting strong! For those of you not attending our Saturday class you're really missing out on learning these great movements.

Wednesday Stength/Skill Work: Sots Press 5 X 8 Alternating with Half moons X 20 (10 each side). The sots press can be performed with a barbell or single arm with a kettlebell. Work on achieving a very deep squat. This will help your leverage for the press.


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  1. Tawn

    Thanks guys! We are all working hard and getting mentally freaked out a bit 😉

    Kara's arms look amazing in these pictures! Darby you're ripped in the pic below. NICE!

  2. Gary

    Dan, Thanks for posting this… now I am completly unmotivated with my CrossFit progress and I am afraid to go home. She is gonna kick my butt like she does in every WOD we do together. Does someone have a place for me to stay tonight?

  3. Kara

    Josh – As you know Crossfit gals want NO FAT FLAP on the arms.. I still have some – but, that lighting took care of hiding it!! Thanks for your encouragement – you're a ROCK MAN.

    Hey lifelong friend — I love ya!!!

    Thanks to all for the thumbs up!


    HOLY COW GIRLS! How long has it been since I've gotten to work out with you??? I know it hasn't been that long! You girls look amazing! Keep pushin hard.

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