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WOD 12.3


WOD 12.3


WOD 12.3 was announced. We are glad to see a multiple movement workout. We wish the best of luck to everyone. Remember anyone is welcome to come give this one a try on Saturday. Feel free to scale it and just have fun. Here are some tips for this one. Go CFVP!

  • This is a long one. Full output for 18 minutes will test your endurance. You may want to pace it, staying steady.
  • Take a look at the 3 movements and determine where you will be strong and where you will struggle. Pace down the segment that is more difficult. Then try to make up time on your strengths.
  • The box jumps will tax the leg power. As you move to the Push Press, remember you can get the bar overhead in any fashion you see fit. If your strong on this one, you may want to start with strict presses, saving energy in the hips and legs. As you fatique, move to a tight and efficient Push Press. Jerk the weight if you need to.
  • The bar starts on the ground so if you can prevent dumping the weight, string all 12 Push Presses together and rest in the front rack. Dropping the bar means you will just have to pick it up again.
  • The Toe to Bar will continue to stress the shoulders. When you return to box jumps, try and focus on relaxing the arms. Furthermore, kipping the movement is fast but generally more taxing. You may consider singles when you get exhausted. Remember…PACE wins the race.
  • DON'T GO UNTIL FAILURE! Many people get to the point of barely getting a rep, then attempting another only to miss it. This is wasted energy. If those toes barely get to the bar, you should consider releasing and taking a break.

14 Responses

  1. Timothy Reinwald

    Steve, I had never done more than 3 toe to bars in a day before, but was able to do 39 today in this WOD. I just did 1 at a time and it worked well. Trying to hang there and do more than 1 was too much at this point. Good luck!

  2. BMJ

    Tim, YES indeed. Hard to control that adrenaline. GREAT JOB with that one!! Steve, we'll work on it. Make sure you grab me if you're in tomorrow.

  3. Medium Steve

    I figured it out. But any other suggestions are ALWAYS welcome. Steph and sebastion helped me out. I can string a few together. Just gonna have to make up time on the push press

  4. Medium Steve

    Tim. Awesome work. Tonight was my first. And I prolly got in 15 or so throughout the class. It's an awesome feeling

  5. Donny

    Nice job Steve! Good luck on the WOD Saturday. Me and Rachel were talking about how awesome you are and how great of an inspiration your can do attitude is. Thanks for that.

  6. Medium Steve

    Thanks Donny. My attitude is great because of my valley park friends. If it wasn't for all of you I wouldn't have the the positive attitude I have. I thank all of you for that.

  7. Oh my goodness! I've been wriokng so hard, for a year, with women 10 20 years younger than me. I've gotten used to having the highest time and the lowest weight.So I was excited about the Masters WODS. Maybe I'd actually be competitive.And then I posted Spirits dashed! 200 lb back squats from my contemporaries!Jeez. I feel like a hamster in a horserace. I immediately went out and bought some steaks and whole milk! And I'll keep posting my pathetic scores so everyone else can feel great next to me. LOL

  8. So, the scoring entry for this looks cnsfuniog. Athletes should enter the number of 10m increments completed NOT the actual number of burpee broadjumps, correct? The differences in athletes scores looks like there may be errors.Fantastic wod by the way! Thanks for putting these together.

  9. I only got a chance to work out twice this week and my a**, legs and arms are so sore that I might just have to lay anuord and drink to kill the pain this weekend. Why am I so addicted to this crossfit stuff?

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