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Why is This Guy Smiling?


Why is This Guy Smiling?

Orie 4 

There can be only one reason Orie looks so happy. He's getting ready to blast through a tough workout from the 2008 CrossFit Games! 5 rounds for time of  5 deadlifts (275 lbs.), 10 burpees. I'm not sure that smile lasted much longer than the first round. This was a tough workout that presented an important consideration. Resistance. We have to be careful when performing "for time" and consider the weight we want to use. It's not always easy to know the cut off. In my opinion, you should be able to move the weight comfortably for the prescribed number of repetitions. Comfortably can be percieved differently. The thought here should be "I have 5 rounds of 5 repetions and I will quickly become fatigued….how much will my form break down and how well do I tolerate it?" If you need to scale, do it. Remember training hard must be accompanied by training smart. A big high five goes out to the tough ladies who joined for the fun!

Why are we tackling WOD's from the 2008 Games? There is some buzz going around about entering an affiliate team for the 2009 affiliate cup challenge. Stay tuned for details. Enjoy some other pics from Sunday.

Bret 1  Cort  Herb 5  Drago  Orie 3  Gnat 1

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  1. dan thacker

    I don't know but with those socks, does it really matter? He looked cool. haha. I think Orie got 5:58. I also think that was the quickest time. Jerk!

  2. I spent 45 minutes picking out my outfit.

    Worth every minute.

    I typically perform better when I feel pretty.

    I'm thinking I'll have my nails done before our next Fran.


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