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Why Get Good at Being Bad?


Why Get Good at Being Bad?


CrossFit Valley Park member and competitor, Dr. Jared Van Anne presents some excellent videos dealing with health and performance, specifically in the arena of CrossFit. We will be posting them on occasion to help you understand concepts of what we do here. We want to thank Doctor J for allowing us to share his insight.

The title of the post is the title of his whiteboard. What does it mean? The overall point is that developing capacity in a faulty movement pattern or technique does NOT serve a purpose when considering overall health and fitness. One can argue some benefits to crappy movement. Moving is good right? If you don't move, then you decide to move, it's a step in the right direction. But moving incorrectly will eventually result in diminishing returns and worse, injury. The idea is to keep moving. Make sense? This is precisely why we preach technique FIRST.

Watch the video. Watch it more than once if you need to. Understand why work "capability" precedes work "capacity." Understand that the meaning of any result is highly dependent on how that result got there and how long it can keep getting there. Start putting your mind into your muscles. Slow it down. Be good at being good.