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Why Do You CrossFit?


Why Do You CrossFit?

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We've had some exciting PR's this week. Sharon Dailey scored a PR bench press of 90 lbs. and made it look easy. I have a feeling 95 is coming very soon. She also got a PR on her deadlift going from 165 to 170 lbs. Melissa Kron also got a best deadlift at 180 lbs. And get this. She did 3 reps with it! It's time to break 200 Melissa!

Do you know your numbers? If you do then you are taking stake in your efforts. These are not comparisons but simply a measure in your personal fitness journey. We can't possibly know these numbers for everyone. That is up to you. If you do it not only helps you become better, it lets us be better coaches. It takes a pen or pencil, paper, and about 10 seconds. Don't have one of our success journals? Just ask.

The above pictures highlight some great moments at the CrossFit Games. Annie Thorisdottir from Iceland got her very 1st muscle up during the events. She ended up placing 11th overall individual.

Sometimes someone just says all the right words. Here is a great essay from Bob Guere of CrossFit California City. A Spectator View

Here's another piece worth reading. Why CrossFit is Right For You

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