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Whooped was the word that came to mind after this weekend. Friday night was a blast with our first "Fight Gone Bad" festival. Everyone pushed hard and earned great scores. We all sat, ate, and discussed our strategies. It seems there is always questions about how you should have broken up this workout. We learn something every time we do it. Analysis of your repetitions is worth the time. You don't want to walk away with the feeling that you could have done more. Special thanks to Melissa and Sharon who stuck around to keep score and cheer us on.

Jon Levy, Dan Maners, and I all competed Saturday in the Stongman fundraiser. Again, thanks to everyone who came out to support us. All the ladies were commenting on how they wish they would have signed up. Don't fear things that are not familiar. Tom Nuzum did a great job of organizing the event. We certainly hope to participate again in the future. I did manage a first place finish in the "highly trained" division. Thanks to Wayne's Warehouse Crew for a great time!

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  1. Congrats, Dan!

    I had a blast on Friday night. I like the Idea of "Benchmark Fridays." Seems like a good way to socialize and to measure progress. Which workout is next?


  2. Lauren Kaletta

    Great Job Dan on 1st Place!! You have to be so excited, plus it was for a good cause!! See you this week at Crossfit-We will be there Tuesday and Wednesday for sure!!

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