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White Boards


White Boards


Here's another "Best of CFVP" pic. This one is Brooke Van Anne looking sharp. This picture was featured on the CrossFit Affiliate Blog.

We have posted new white boards near the stairs. Here you will see Level I and Level II WOD's. Although the Level I WOD's are a little less technical, they are all fair game for any class. Remember these are official and will be used in a steady rotation. As always, be responsible in scaling loads and modifying movements. Under the workouts you will find space to write your scores if you wish. There is an example there but simply write your name, the number of the workout, and your time/score. Please stay in the column in which the workout is listed. When you get a PR, simply erase your time/score and update your accomplishment. IMPORTANT: Even if you don't record your score on the board, record it in your books…which are now MANDATORY for all.

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  1. steph T

    Beautiful picture of a beautiful lady!
    FYI – it was mentioned that many of you are fans of the long WOD so… 9am on Saturday – new hero wod "HIDALGO" – 1 hour time cap (alternate wod will be available)

  2. Mandi

    Looking so awesome Brooke! I sure do miss working out with you! I knew you would be back to kicking butt as soon as you had the baby! 🙂 Great work girl!

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