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While filming the other day, there was a yell from across the gym. Melissa Kron decided to jump up and get her first rope climb! Too bad we only caught her once whe was at the top. Seems getting down is the tricky part! Great job Melissa! By the way, it's her Birthday today. Happy Birthday MK!

Thursday Strength/Skill Work: 4 Count Back Squats 4 sets of 5. On the lowering portion of the squat, establish a 4 second count on your way down. Alternate with Renegade Rows, 4 sets of 10. The renegade row is a push up on top of dumbbells or kettlebells. After each push-up, row one of the dumbbells. Alternate arms. You will want the feet wider. The idea is to row the weight without twisting the hips. Try and stay square to the ground.

W.O.D. "Melissa"

-4 rounds, 1 minute rest in between rounds.

-400 M run

-15 Thrusters

-10 Push-ups

-5 Burpees

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  1. Sharon

    Melissa, Happy Birthday!!! I knew you would be celebrating your birthday with new PR's – way to go on the rope climb – awesome!!!

  2. Melissa K.

    Thanks everyone! I was so focused on getting to the top that it never occurred to me that I should've considered how I was going to get down! I was glad Mike E. and Trey were nearby as I thought they were going to have to catch me : )

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