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"What's your favorite lift?"

Ok, We still want to hear what your favorite lift is, but there was some breaking news today that just can't wait. Raelynn Chase, our new Athlete of the Month, got her first Muscle-Up today! Talk about earning a title! It was incredible to watch and unfortunately, the video camera was not rolling. She kipped up, got stuck, and muscled herself over the rings. She hung in there for what seemed like 30 seconds and continued to secure the rings to her armpits. From there,it was simply a matter of pressing it out into full extension. It was truly awesome. Way to go Raelynn!!!!

Saturday: Black Box


24 Responses

  1. Trey

    HUGE accomplishment Raelynn! I'm so excited for you…now I better get my act in gear and try to join your club! Congrats, Athlete of the Month!!

  2. Gnat

    WAY TO GO GIRL!!!!!!
    How cool is that!?!
    I got a text from Herb telling me about your muscle up & I did a little victory dance for you in my head!
    OK..I'm sure you were smiling too…weren't you?
    My favs…deadlift & clean & jerk
    LEAST fav…bench jumps on a cement bench in the park in Hawaii!!

  3. Melissa K.

    Court, least favorite is the OH press???? C'mon! Okay, I like the clean and jerk, a lot,…at least my version of it : ) My least favorite is the OH squat. Miss ya!

  4. Dan F

    Since the bear crawl doesn't count as a "lift", I will have to vote for the deadlift. Clean and jerk is a close 2nd.

  5. Tawn

    You just like saying SNATCH Mike! Raelynn you are an amazing athlete! Congrats!! My Favorite lift – Back Squat & Power Clean; Least favorite – Thruster (if that's considered a lift).

  6. Tracy Strubberg

    OMG Raelynn! a muscle up? I sure wish I could have been there for that. Big Congratulations. Don't ever doubt yourself again. I'm hoping for the muscle up in my next life.

  7. Kara

    I was there to see the muscle up!!! It was awesome. Congrats, my friend! It was pretty.

    SNATCH! (but, oh my — I still need practice)

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