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What is "prescribed" when it comes to workouts? It's a relative measure for individual capacity. This indicates that workout movements, progressions, and loads are determined by your abilities and strength level. Obvioulsy they may be different from the person standing next to you. The wrong approach is to think you have to do what's indicated just to be tough. You are inviting failure and injury. Good training is smart training. On occasion, you may over or under estimate what you have picked. That's a part of the learning process. Use your head. YOUR presciption is the right prescription.

Friday Strength/Skill Work: Bent Rows 5 X 5. OH Lunge 5 X 10 each leg.


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  1. Those videos are right up my alley! I love them. Though, it scars me to see you have those on your site. Are you wanting to become a gymnast or Do you just like watching guys perform in tight clothes with pointed toes?

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