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Thought 2 
"What goes through your mind when things get tough?"

Wednesday Strength/Skill Work: 2 couplets. Work through one at a time. Back Squat 4 x 8/Dead hang pull-up 4 x 8. No rest between movments. Then OH Squat 4 x 4/Body Rows 4 x 8. No rest between sets.

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  1. MShaw

    "If I hadn't of eaten McDonald's for lunch, would this be as tough?"
    "F! what round is this?!"
    "Just Quit"
    "I wonder what's for dinner?"
    "If Jennifer beats me again I'll never hear the end of it"
    "shut up, no I wont!"
    "I didn't want to finish first this time anyway"

  2. Mandi

    Brian, that was too funny!!!

    Mike, I was laughing so hard reading that. I can just hear you saying those things. It all makes sense since we were all just discussing your eating habits and how you never gain weight!!!

    I guess I think…. "why do I do this? I pay these guys to torture me this way! What the heck is wring with me? Ok 2 more reps then pull ups, you love pull ups! Omg pull ups suck! Oh geez here come the guys they're going to pass me up! It's ok lunges are next I will catch them! Is this over yet?"

  3. Trey

    (Looking at the board): FIVE rounds? There is no way possible I can do five rounds.
    (After 1st round): Holy crap! I'm already friggin' exhausted. This is ridiculous!!
    (After 2nd round): Kill Dan. Kill Dan immediately.
    (After 3rd round): Kill me. Kill me immediately.
    (After 4th round): Holy sh*tballs…only one round to go? Did I miscount? I might be hallucinating…
    (After 5th round): Wow. That ceiling light is bright.
    (10 minutes later): I totally dominated that WOD.
    (Four hours later when I look at the website): Tomorrow's WOD is Fran? F&$k me.

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