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What Drives Us?


What Drives Us?

It's interesting to me to get people's "story", or how did they get into CrossFit, or maybe more importantly, what propels them to achieve their best.

Maybe someone is an athlete who wants to become better at their sport, and they realize that by becoming more fit, they will achieve higher standards. Or others would like to awaken their "inner athlete" that perhaps never knew existed. I know from my own experience, I just got bored with "traditional" gym work. It's funny, if I bench press, my goal is to improve my push ups and burpees. That is completely opposite from my previous mindset.

Or more  profoundly, we've watched our parents get older. And for whatever reason time hasn't treated them as gracefully as one would wish. Maybe privately or publicly we never want time to cheat us, as perhaps it has our loved ones.

What is your motivation?

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