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Brian Before 
Brian and Donna 
What are friends for? Trey sent us a "before" picture of Brian Rouse and we were amazed at how far Brian has come. Brian's hard work and dedication is inspirational. Don't ever let fear, intimidation, and doubt stop you. You can do anything. Donna…..looking great as always. Great job on the run.

Friday Strength/Skill Work: Warm up to include 2 gymnastics skills.

1. Split Jerk Technique. Then 5 x 3 Front Squat

2. OH Lunge 5 x 8 each leg (work on OH positioning). Alternate with KTE 5 x max reps

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  1. Sharon

    Brian – looking fantastic and awesome job on all your hard work!!!
    Donna – great job on the run and looking great!!!

  2. MShaw

    Is this Lunge week?

    Mon- Bulgarian split lunge 5×8 each leg = 80
    Wed- Walking weighted lunges #53 x 160
    Thurs- #45 OH Lunge x 50
    Fri- OH Lunge work 5×8 each leg = 80

    Total = 370 weighted lunges

  3. Trey

    Massively overweight Brian gets his picture taken with two dorky-looking engineers.

    In-shape Brian gets his picture taken with a beautiful, fit woman.

    Coincidence? Or perhaps the power of CrossFit? 🙂

  4. Mike D


    I think Mike secretly wants to do lunges today.


    You look great and should feel just as well, way to lose weight in a donut filled sugar castle you call an office.

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