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What a Weekend


What a Weekend

Team cfvp

The 3rd Annual Heart of America Affiliate Challenge is over. As expected we are totally wiped out so this will be short.

First of all, CFVP would like to applaud all of our awesome teams who gave it their all. There were so many great moments, lots of PR's, and tons of fun. We are incredibly proud of you all. It takes alot of heart and guts to get out there and compete. Give yourself a big pat on the back.

There are so many thanks to give out. Thanks to all of our members who have supported and encouraged our teams. None of this is possible without you. Thank you to CrossFit Springfield for putting on an awesome event. A special thanks to Jeremy Mhire who ran a spectacular show. Thanks to all of the hardworking volunteers. Just setting up and moving gear was a workout. Thanks to all the judges who did an outstanding job. Thanks to Corey Lewis who ran the judging. Thanks to all of our sponsors. Lastly, thanks to the CrossFit community, our extended family.

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  1. Medium Steve

    Awesome job everyone!!! That was an awesome experience. Learned a lot about crossfit and what I need to work on. Phenomenal weekend. Thanks to all the vp members for their support!

  2. Get it, Get it Girl

    An Amazing weekend to spend with VP family and throw around a little weight. The event was spectacular, thank you Springfield.

  3. Jake Howard

    great job VP! this was a tough weekend of wods and you guys hammered them! it was a pleasure getting to judge for some of you.

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