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What a day! The first day of the Midwestern Sectional was intense. The first WOD proved to be a true test as many athletes did not finish in the 20 minute time limit. We are proud to say our guys from Valley Park kicked ass!  They did awesome. Our training partners Paul Cegon, Troy Hupp, David Cornthwaite, and Mike Walerius all gave great performances. We also want to give a big congrats to our friends from CrossFit Springfield, Jeremy Mhire and Brian Llewellyn. So….check this out!

Josh Nimmo- 4th overall

Brian Llewellyn- 9th overall

Jake Howard- 10th overall

Jeremy Mhire- 11th overall

David Cornthwaite- 14th overall

Paul Cegon- 21st overall

Work hard on Sunday and we'll see you fellas in Denver! Great friggin job!

You can see overall results here: Midwestern Sectional Saturday Results

You can also see a video of the Friday registration here: Let the Games Begin  

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  1. Mike Shaw

    Wow, nice job guys!

    I noticed that the SDAZ Sectional WOD #3 had "Flying Pull-ups" included. When can we expect CFVP to set up a flying pull-up apparatus? 🙂

  2. Tracy Strubberg

    I was there! I was so proud of both of you guys, Josh and Jake.
    Like i Have anything to do do with your success. Not.
    But really I just felt like a proud mom or big sister , or something like that.
    Just want you both to know that your hard work and dedication is such a positive reflection on our Gym and our Valley Park family. I'm just so proud to be a part of that.
    Thanks Guys for being such an incredible influence and role model for us.

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