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We're highlighted some more of our first time competitors. Louis Clough has shown tremendous progress in a very short time. Louis is an incredibly strong and able athlete. Look for him showing some great scores in the upcoming 2012 CF Games Open Sectional. Matt Kiesel has come a long way, always showing intense determination. Robin Wilhelm has transformed herself since being at CFVP. An incredibly strong gymnast, she inspires us eveyday. Great job Louis, Matt, and Robin.

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  1. Mandi

    Matt, when you kept rowing after you had slid off the seat was quite impressive! Love the determination!

    Robyn, your upper body strength and gymnastic skills are so freaking impressive!!! You did so well and hope to see you compete in other competitions! Keep up the gret work!

    Louis, oh Louis…. It was great being on a team with you! Your clean and jerk was awesome and the progress you have made in such a short time is so impressive! I think it's the cat daddy and the dougie! 😉

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