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We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Box


We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Box

Karne 2 

Karen Box  Box Jump

No we aren't in need of a bigger facility yet. The box I'm referring to is our new plyometric box. The 30 inch box is our highest but not high enough for Karen Wilson. She didn't hesitate pulling of 5 seamingly easy jumps. That is an amazing feat. Speaking of…..Karen holds a spot on our "Wall of Fame" in the female category for rowing 2000 Meters in 8:11. Who wants that spot?

Karen packs some serious power in her hips and legs. While power is required to generate enough vertical lift, there are many elements of technique and mindset that must be in place to box jump with authority. Here are some tips.

  • Clear your mind. Many people are hung up mentally with jumping. If you are hesitating in your mind, your body will hesitate as well. The "just do it" saying applies well here.
  • Drive hard with the hips, knees, and ankles. This triple extension is needed for maximum lift.
  • Swing the arms violently back, through, and up. Any mass that moves fast enough will create momentum in the direction it is moving.
  • Tuck. A tuck is created once the feet leave the ground by pulling the knees toward the chest. This effectively decreases the distance to the top of the box by making your body length shorter. The pics show a good example of a tuck.
  • Unfortunately, there is no really good way to miss a box jump. Once you are airborne, there aren't many places to go if you aren't high enough. Please proceed cautiously and start low. Once confidence is built up, you will be ready to move higher.

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