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Team 1-1 
Team rope climb-1 
Team rope climb II-1 
Well the 2011 CrossFit Games are in the books. As usual, it's hard to sum up the experience in a few words. Team CFVP simply rocked the weekend. They performed impressively across all workouts and made an incredible 8th place finish. Only 7 gyms in the entire world can say they did better than us. The cut was tight and only 6 teams proceeded to the finals. They battled with heart and determination. CrossFit Valley Park couldn't be more proud. Watch out 2012. We're gonna do it again.

We'll be posting a photo album. Sorry but we didn't capture any video coverage of the Games.

Wednesday Strength/Skill Work: OH Press 6 x 2. Alternate with Lateral Lunges 6 x 5 each leg.

Weightlifting Skill: Behind the Neck Jerk

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