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Well our man Trey Dowell couldn't have made this look easier! Trey has come so far. His strength and skill are more than impressive. It's been inspiring to watch his progress here at CrossFit Valley Park. Keep on pushin Trey!

The 2010 CrossFit Games start this Friday. Our team is ready to travel on Thursday. It's still hard to believe we are going to the big show! We'll do our best to represent. There will be a live feed all weekend covering the games here: CrossFit Games Live Feed.  We will try to relay our heat times to the gym so you can tune in and watch us compete.

Wednesday Strength/Skill Work: Push Press/Intro to the Push Jerk. Work to "feel" the difference between these movements. Alternate with Romanian Deadlifts 5 X 5.

W.O.D. "Flash"

-5 Rounds for Time

-5 Deadlift

-10 Burpees

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  1. Stephanie T

    Are you kidding me – I am in awe. You get a week to bask in your awesomeness and then we find you a new goal! Great job

  2. Tracy Strubberg

    Wow Trey, You'll have no trouble getting chicks now.
    Good luck team Valley Park to the Big Show.
    I know you will do us proud, but make sure to have fun!

  3. Trey

    Thanks everybody! It felt reeeeeally good to get above those damn rings for a change. Now if I can just do 10 freaking double-unders in a row, I can finish off that card. When I do double unders, however, I usually end up looking like a whipping victim with angry red marks all over my arms and legs. Funny how no matter what you do at CrossFit, you can always be humbled completely the next day…

  4. Jake

    Hellz yeah Trey! You did those two with ease. You'll be cranking off multiples in no time. Now let's work on those double unders!!!

  5. Kara Funk

    Trey……you da man! Let's do a muscle up wod together when we get back from Cali? Make me kipp higher like you do! So psyched for you my friend!

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