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We’ll be off the air until Monday, the 28th. We leave you with a little video of some BIG accomplishments! Jennifer Shaw is stringing together kipping pull-ups and looks really powerful. She got five but looks like she could have gone for another 3 or 4! Dawn Wilhelm and Stephanie Teague got their first dead hang pull-ups. Mike Shaw got his first muscle-up and made it look easy. What you didn’t get to see is he later strung 2 together! Melissa Kron got her first “official” kipping pull-up. We had to slow the video down to see that her chin does just clear the bar.

Great job everyone. You should be really proud of yourselves!

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  1. jake

    wow, awesome vid! great job by everyone. it's great to see the improvements and the excitement that comes with it! merry christmas everyone!

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