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Welcome Jenny


Welcome Jenny


CFVP would like to welcome Jenny Schwartz. Jenny has been with us for a couple months now. She has shown steady progress with hard work and determination. She PR'd her 3 rep max Deadlift today by 50 lbs! Welcome Jenny and nice job.


Speaking of accomplishments. First of all, you may not recognize Tim Reinwald in this picture. He's been on a steady progression of weight loss. We didn't have an up to date picture. He ran his first 5K over the weekend. He was anticipating a time of around 37 minutes and ended up finishing in 32:59. Great job Tim.

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  1. Tracy Strubberg

    I have had the privledge of working out with both of you guys. Welcome to Valley Park. You are both doing great. And thanks for all the pharmacutical advice Jen. lol I'll let everyone figure that one

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