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Welcome Anne


Welcome Anne


CFVP would like to welcome Anne Abbenhaus. Anne has made alot of progress in a short time. She has gotten much stronger and faster. Strength is our foundation and Anne pushes for it everytime she's here. Her husband, Phil, has just started classes as well. We'll get a post on him soon. Welcome Anne and keep up the great work.

Keep up with our weekly schedule. Specialty classes will pop up and you don't want to miss out on them. For example, this week we have an Olympic Lifting class Thursday night from 7-8:30 p.m.

We are considering "Team Training" classes as well. These classes will be for anyone. However, they will have a more competitive egde. Higher level movements will be covered and workouts will generally be more technical. Movement standards will be tighter. Remember, this is for anyone. If you can't perform the more technical exercises, we will always offer modifications and progressions for you. Give us some feedback.

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  1. Darby

    CFVP is truly lucky to have Anne (and you too Phil). She is a positive influence on everyone. So glad you joined and so glad you are enjoying it… Even if you won't join me at 5:30AM…

  2. Monica

    It's great when I get a chance to workout with you Anne & you too Phil especially when we know we WON'T be Hope to see you both again soon!

  3. Lisa Moore

    You have been working hard Anne and it shows. So glad to see you at Valley Park. And yes, cfvp great idea on the team training classes and the "specialty" classes. We can't get enough O lifting training.

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