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Weightlifting Highlights


Weightlifting Highlights


Here are some highlights from the last couple of days of Weightlifting at CFVP. Phil Burmeister deserves a special mention. Friday was high first Olympic Lifting class. Phil has come a long way with his strength. He had no idea what to expect going for a one rep max Clean. It soon became apparent that Phil was bound for the #200 mark. He hit it with no problem. It's evident that his pull is strong and he has plenty of leg strength to stand up out of the lift. Keep up the great work Phil.

Dan DeWeese is hitting PRs every week. His previous best Clean at #195 was left in the dust. He hit #200 and #205 for new PRs. He ended up getting #210 but snuck that as the camera wasn't rolling. Great work Dan.

Janet and Tonya continue to show good numbers as they prepare for the 2013 CF Games Open. They both managed some great numbers even after two tough days training previous. Keep working hard ladies.