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Weekend Fun


Weekend Fun


CFVP would like to wish everyone a safe and fun Holiday. We had a fun weekend with alot of PR's with Olympic Lifting and a great TEAM WOD on Saturday. Great job everyone and keep pushing to get better. Here's a little coaching critique on the video.

Brad– He's fairly fresh with learning the lifts and not quite aware of just how strong he is yet! He has been diligent with attending the Lifting classes and progress is showing. Very nice lift and yes, his plate loading is peculiar. He hit 2 PR Clean and Jerks.

Jamie- We can't say enough about Jamie. She is finding that push and it shows. She is solid. She's being fast and aggressive. She sometimes fails to release the hook grip on the clean. Remember it's important to release in order to get a high elbow position. She has just a little forward dip on the Jerk. You have to keep that torso vertical.  Check out her 20 lb. PR Jerk off the blocks. She's a tad soft on recieving. Drop and Punch! She has another 10 lbs. in her but hey, don't get greedy. We'll take 20 lbs. anyday. Awesome.

Rob– Rob has only gone up to #165 so we got him to hit #175. Rob is powerful and strong. He's just begun to find out where he's at. He struggles on recieving the clean. The elbows need to get higher and some work to keep the fingers under the bar will help. Mobility work and he's going to be hitting big numbers. He got under #185 easy but the elbow position dropped him. His Jerk is compact and fast.

Janet- What can we say about Janet? Alot. She is made HUGE progress and has her sights set on the 2013 CF Games. After being sick for a week she managed to hit her previous PR Jerk and then topped it by 5 pounds. There's a slight press out but we'll take it! In the books Janet. #148.

Tonya- She's been dealing with some injuries and after 4 days off, she managed to hit her PR Snatch. The attempt to go for a 4 lb PR was as close as it gets. Her positioning is excellent throughout the attempts. A little more aggresiveness pulling under and a tighter bottom position will do the trick. The day before she did get a PR 1 rep max Back Squat at #270. Impressive.

Brandon- Shout out to Coach! Brandon planned on hitting a #250 Clean and Jerk by his next Birthday…in 7 weeks. Why wait? He bested his previous PR by #15 lbs. and got #250 easy. His positioning is excellent and if there's one thing we can learn from him it's FAST elbows. Awesome lift.

Lisa– Lisa Moore (no video evidence but eyewitnessed), did get a PR Clean and Jerk at #135. Keep working hard Lisa. You're doing awesome.




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