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Natalie back 

Wednesday Strength/Skill Work: Warm up to include hang power clean with barbell. Deadlift 6 x 2. Alternate with KB press/windmill 4 x 6 each arm. This is a combination movement that starts with a single arm press into a windmill.



-Hang Power Clean

-Shoulder to Overhead

-Cone Touch 

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  1. gnat

    A back created by CrossFit!
    So that's what goes on behind me when I'm working out….I never get to see that!
    Greetings from London. I'm on my way to check out CrossFit Central London.
    All you CFVP ladies are strong…you just never get your backs in action! 🙂
    Look out HOA…CFVP is ready…muscle madness…hey that's a good name for a team!

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