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Brian Rope

Sharon Rope

Wednesday Strength/Skill Work: Back Squat 5 x 5. Emphasis on negative. Take a 3 count as you descend into each repetition. Alternate with Body Rows 5 X 8.

W.O.D. "Fragged Fran"





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  1. Brian R.

    In case anyone is curious, the prowler was on the end of the rope. No matter what we did, we couldn't get it to move on it's own.

  2. Actually it was Dan Furnas. He was on all fours with a thong on. He kept screaming "ree hee hee hee, ree hee hee hee" but they just couldn't whip him hard enough to move him. Weird.

  3. Dan F

    Actually, Thacker tried it (the thong and rope thing) out last week with Herb and Brandon and they threw out his back. Then they came up with the lame excuse that "tough guy" Thacker hurt his back getting out of a chair. Really??? Getting out of a chair? I guess we all know who the tough guy is now! Hopefully they don't have the "rope event" out in Cali or he may be in trouble!

  4. jake

    lol, great comments. lets tie one end of the ropes to furnas, the other end to thacker. josh and david can ride them like little jockeys and whip them into a tug of war battle.

    on a serious note, here's a cool article written by the ever-so-beautiful miranda oldroyd (not as beautiful as my wonderful girlfriend though) of cfhq on the beauty of crossfit women.,601/

  5. You had to bring Herb and Brandon into it eh? Don't you know innocence when you see it? That was cruel man…just mean. Now go watch your favorite movie…"Deliverance"

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