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We'd like to welcome our newest members. Our evaporative cooler is here! Our solution to beat the heat is working great. Laci Marden is into her introductory workouts and is doing great! Laci is a former track athlete and active runner. She has a great base level of strength and movement. Look for her to put up some great numbers.

Chippers (high rep workouts) can be intimidating. When faced with huge numbers like 500 in the "Filthy 50", pace yourself and chip away at it. Sometimes it seems like it's too much and you're never going to get there. Break it into pieces and you will find reward in counting off that last repetition. Kara Funk and Darby Seymour had their first date with this one and knocked it out. Courtney Kleefus managed a PR! Strong work everyone.

Thanks again Courtney for sending me a good article. It seems those who manufacture high fructose corn syrup are going on the defensive. They are claiming HFCS is no worse than other sugars. Their only basis for comparison is caloric content. If we are assuming all sugars are generally poor for insulin control and health, shouldn't we regard any sugar, including HFCS, a poor dietary choice? The CRA (Corn Refiners Association) say companies are using "marketing gimmicks" to ignore science and drive sales. What processed food producer doesn't do that? Interesting argument. What do you think?  High Fructose Corn Syrup Makers Fight Back.

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  1. Sharon

    Laci, welcome – you are doing great!! Kara, Darby, & Courtney – awesome job on the "Filthy Fifty!! Courtney (aka Ninja Princess), congrats on the PR!!

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