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Jerry OH

We work alot of overhead movements. Stabilization of an overhead load is truly functional and very effective for building core strength. Going overhead means placing the load over your base which is mid-foot. As you can see in the picture the bar will appear to be "behind" the head. This doesn't mean you need to push the head forward. In fact, this would change postural integrity of the cervical spine. On the overhead press, the head tilts slightly back in order for the bar to achieve a straight path. Once the barbell clears, just return your head to normal posture. Keep the eyes straight ahead.

The overhead squat will require that the torso inclines forward just as it would in a normal squat. As this happens many people will try to keep the head upright and looking up. Again, we are compromising cervical posture. You should attempt to keep your head and neck in line with the torso. Keeping your eyes directly ahead or even slightly down will keep things in line. Remember there are more technical issues with the overhead squat so practice with light weight until you develop proper form. Remember a good repetition with the dowel is much prettier than a bad repetition with alot of weight!

Wednesday Strength/Skill Work: Front Squat 5 X 3, Sandbag cleans

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