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Putting “Sport” Into Fitness


Putting “Sport” Into Fitness

Karen W 

Karen Row We will be having some guest authors for our website. It is true that it's easy to get blocked and run out of things to write about but I also think the insight and knowledge from others is good for all. If there is one thing we leaned from Mike Burgener it's that trainers only become better by learning. Herb Sayers, Brandon Jackson, Orie Shafer, and Tracy Fober will contribute from time to time.

Here's a little story to supplement Orie's post on measurable performance.  Your desire to improve should feed your desire to mark your improvements. It also provides an element of competitive spirit. We love to applaud others and it's no crime to applaud yourself. Our "Wall of Fame" is a way to recognize great efforts. It is also a chance to get your name in the spotlight. Karen Wilson bested our previous record for female 500 Meter row time previoulsy held by Melissa Kron. This is not a recognized as a defeat but as an inspirational invite to reclaim the top spot. I know Orie has his eye on my 1:23 500 Meter time and has every intent to smash it. I have my eye on his 6:57 2000 Meter time and plan to send it into the archives. It's all in good fun. Find your competitive spirit. I will be posting more options for records so get your game face on! Great job Karen!

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