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We Like Big Bumpers


We Like Big Bumpers


We love our bumper plates. They allow us to practice Olympic Weightlifting. Loss of control dictates you "dump" the weight. Dropping bumpers is a sound practice. However, the idea is to do this only when needed. Learn to lower your weight to the ground. Not only do you develop skill and eccentric strength, you save them from undue damage. They are also very expensive. When performing strength lifts such as deadlifts, squats, presses, etc., steel plates will serve you well. We are fortunate to have some rubber coated steel plates that will also be forgiving as they contact the floor.

AS A RULE: If you need to start with smaller, less durable bumper plates for any lifts, ALWAYS exchange them for a bigger plate vs. stacking on several smaller plates. For example, one #25 lb. plate is better than having one #15 and one #10. Yes, this takes a bit more work. You should do this consistently. There are several reasons this is beneficial. To wrap this all up:

  • #10 and #15 lb. bumper plates should not be dumped. They are flimsy and will eventually have to be retired. Certain plates also bounce too much, creating a safety issue. If you are learning to Olympic lift with these plates, learn to lower the bar to the floor. During a WOD there is a tendency to drop weight. We know you're tired. We know it hurts. LOWER YOUR WEIGHT.
  • As mentioned, ALWAYS upgrade to larger, heavier plates. This saves the smaller plates for those who need them. Going to bigger plates will help you overcome mental barriers with getting stronger. The #35 plate always seems heavier than 2-#15's and a #5. Dumping plates #25 or larger is permitted. They take abuse better. It looks cool. They sound better when they hit the floor. Do it.