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We have aquired some new software for video creation/editing. This is a test video from a Partner WOD. The quality is terrible! We'll have to look at making them sharper. Anyway, this was a really fun workout. With a partner, row 800 Meters. Partition meters as desired. Complete 50 sit-ups, both athletes completing 50. Then complete 100 push-ups, partitioning reps as needed, with one athlete working at one time. Then run 800 Meters with a sandbag. Both athletes run the 800, changing over the bag as desired. Then complete the sit-up/push-up combo again.

Saturday Strength/Skill Work: OH Squat 5 X 5. Alternate with push-ups/sandbag push-ups.


-3 Rounds for Time

-20 Sandbag Lunges (Shoulder the bag and complete one lunge with the opposing leg. Switch shoulders on each repetition.)

-Run 400 Meters

-20 Dumbbell Push Presses

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  1. Trey

    Cool effects! That was a tough one in a very hot gym. I can honestly say I've never seen video of myself running before, and after watching it for the first time, I wish I STILL hadn't ever seen myself run. Holy weirdly-swinging arms, Batman! That was embarassing…

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