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We have all had some experience with the Olympic lifts by now. Please remember these very technical movements take years to master. It's important to be patient. Work diligently on good mechanics and repetitive good movements and you will start to get the hang of it. It is important to remember these lifts are leg driven. The "jump" is what accelerates the bar upwards and allows you a brief moment to move under it. For this jump to be effective, the arms must remain straight while the mechanics of the body and movement allow for a very solid connection to the bar. It is only here that you will get maximum power on the barbell, allowing it to move upward. The video explains this concept well.

Monday Strength/Skill Work: Power Cleans/Front Squat 8 x 3 x 3. Work 3 power cleans and on the last repetition, perform 3 front squats. Ratchet up the weight as tolerated.

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