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We had some great numbers on Fight Gone Bad yesterday. Everyone did an awesome job. We've cleared one of our white boards and we'll be posting all scores. We'd like to mention a few standout Rx'd totals.

Chris Schwab- 331

Tonya Charland- 344

Stephanie Teague- 317

Friday Strength/Skill Work: OH Press/Push Press/Push Jerk. 5 sets. 5 x 4 x 2 x 1  Alternate the pressing with Weighted Lunges 5 x 8 each leg.


-30 calorie row

-30 KB swings

-30 lunges

-30 pull-ups

-30 push-ups

-30 burpees

-After burpees, go back through the sequence, ending with a 30 calorie row.

6 Responses

  1. Melissa K.

    A huge "thank you" to Chris Schwab. Chris was my coach/scorekeeper, and the only reason I finished the WOD. About 5 seconds into the WOD I lost a contact lens. Since I only have 20/30 vision with correction, trying to do everything with very limited sight was an unexpected challenge. I kept saying to Chris, "I can't see." Chris was so patient and encouraging! Thanks, Chris!!! Great work by all!

  2. Mike d

    Looks like my "donations" are working and keeping my face on the website, great job to everyone, if you got over 275, you are my hero. If you finished you're cooler than the other kids on the block

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