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Rowing WOD 

Brody  Herb 

We concluded our Thursday night class with a little rowing race. Two teams raced to complete a distance, alternating as fatigue set in. The guys had to complete 2750 meters and the ladies had to get 2000. This kind of challenge takes some planning. Knowing when to switch will make a big difference in your time. When one athlete begins to fatigue, it's time to switch. Obviously the switch needs to be as fast as possible. It was a close race but the ladies pulled ahead to finish about 1 minute ahead of the guys. Nice job everyone.

Brody Jackson and Herb Sayers attempted a pull-up workout. You complete 1 pull-up the first minute, then 2 the next minute and so on. You are done when you can't get the reps within the minute. Brody finished with 15 rounds. Strong work!

We would like to take the opportunity to applaud some of our new members. Mike and Jennifer Shaw continue to be consistent and hard working. Jennifer asked me if I could order here a couple bands so she could practice pull-ups at home. That's what we love to see! Some homework will pay off in the gym. Nathan Whaley just finished basic training for the Army and is sure to put up some great numbers. Courtney Yuskis continues to hone her gifted athleticism. Those kipping pull-ups are looking good!