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We can feel the adrenaline starting to flow! Great job Kim with the banner! The first WOD on Sunday will start around 9:15 a.m. We will be meeting at CrossFit Valley Park at 8 a.m. sharp if you want to follow the convoy to St. Charles. Try to get there by 8:30 a.m. so you can start warming up. Bring some food to refuel between workouts. We have 6 teams representing Crossfit Valley Park.

Team "Invictus" (Prescribed)- Corey Buerck, Dan Thacker, Christina Peterman, Tawn Keener

Team "Mean Machine" (Prescribed)- Jake Howard, Chris Carrier, Raelynn Chase, Kara Funk

Team "Malicious Intent" (Prescribed)- David Cornthwaite, Corey Lewis, Nikki Cepicky, Melanie Jackson

Team "Glue Factory" (Scaled)- Melissa Kron, Lynn Wilkes, Dan Furnas, Neil Zimmerman

Team "Eat My Chalk" (Scaled)- Christy Fisher, Stephanie Teague, Jeff Strobach, Trey Dowell

Team "Barbell Barbarians" (Scaled)- Dawn Wilhelm, Jennifer Kahle, Mike Derenski, Brian Rouse

Wednesday Strength/Skill Work: Deadlift 2 X 6, 2 X 4, 2 X 2. Alternate with body rows X 10.

W.O.D. "Bodyweight Max"

-3 Rounds

-Perform max reps. in 1 minute of the following movements. Rest exactly 30 seconds  between exercises. You will do each exercise for 3 sets total.

-In order: Push-ups, Squat, Pull-up, Sit-up

11 Responses

  1. Margaret

    Good luck to everyone!! I have complete confidence in CFVP!!! Wish I could be there to root y'all on! And remember to have FUN!!

  2. Dan F.

    Glue factory is a reference to the overall age of our team members. When horses get old and are put down, it is often referred to as "sending them to the glue factory". This competition will be proof that we may be old (relative to some of the other competitors), but we can still hold our own and are not quite ready for retirement.

    Maybe more appropriately, we could have called our team "Brett Favre" or any other aging athlete that refuses to retire.

  3. Carlye

    good luck everyone!!! i love the explanation for glue factory. Dan your team is going to do great i have confidance in all of you.

  4. Gnat

    i wish you all good luck!
    you are strong mentally & physically!
    when it becomes challenging…stay focused, dig down deep & let your inner beast roar!
    you have all been training so hard…you know you are ready for this!
    have fun & never look back…go get em!!!


    Ok…it's 1:00 and I'm anxious to hear how everyone is doing!!! I so wish I was there getting a dose of inspiration after a long and unproductive vacation! I'm sure you guys are rockin' it! Can't wait to hear..

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