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We are all set to go out and represent at the St. Louis Affiliate Cup Competition hosted by CrossFit St. Charles. Valley Park will be taking 6 teams (24 athletes)! That is so impressive and we want to thank each one of you for taking the step. It is often nerve racking and scary to participate in this kind of event. We know each one of you will do great. This is something you won't regret. We hope everyone can come out and cheer us on!

Here is something worth mention. Our scaled team athletes have never learned the Olympic Lifts and everyone showed up today for a "crash course" in the clean and jerk. As coaches, we are blown away by how fast you all pick this stuff up. Remember, keep that bar close, use the legs, and be powerful!

Monday Strength/Skill Work: Pressing. We will have different pressing stations set up. 2 bench press, 2 ring push-up, 2 KB floor press, and push-ups. Take 30 minutes to rotate through. You will want to take time to let those muscles rest between sets. Practice Russian Twists between sets.


-3 Rounds for Time

-20 KB/Dumbbell Front squats. Drop the bells. 15 Air squats. Pick the bells up. 10 KB Thruster

-45 sit ups

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  1. Melissa Hurley

    Way to go everyone!! I am so jealous that you all get to compete, it will be so much fun. I'm cheering you all on in spirit.

  2. herb

    Hey Corey,

    Great job dude. Sorry, Dude. Anyone with a muscle up is a dude with a capital "D". And as far as the latest silly Thacker trick. That's beast with a capital "B".

  3. Trey

    Sweet muscle up, Cory! Well done!! And Dan, there's really not much that can be said about your 165lb TGU. Other than, of course, A REAL MAN CAN DO 175!! 😉

  4. Karen

    Nice job on the muscle up Cory!!! And a big congrads to all the Level 1 Cert survivors! I had a blast with all of you, Chris, RaeLynn, Tracy and Brody this past weekend at TNT!

  5. Tracy Strubberg

    Yeah, cert was a blast! And Corey I can now teach you how to do that muscle up. ha ha.
    I am so jealous of all who are going out to represent Valley Park this weekend and yet so excited for all of our first timers. You are all going to do great, and you will leave there on a high like no other. It's going to be awsome and I will be there to cheer you all on! Can't wait!
    Hey Dan, Can you post the VP teams for us?

  6. Trey

    Note to everyone–Mr. Thacker has neglected to mention that he was the Weekly Winner of the CrossFit Santa Clara workout challenge! He now joins Jake as a weekly winner of Jason Khalipa's challenge. I found the video at the CrossFit Santa Clara website–just google it, and then congratulate him!

  7. Trey, #175 is next after Kahlipa bests me with #170! Turkish Get Up braggin rights!! haha. And thanks for blowing my cover on the Santa Clara win! Don't you know I am the silent stalker. I don't sleep. I wait.

  8. Tawn

    Corey you're the man!! You made that muscle up look easy!

    Dan — what can I say…you're a beast! What'd you have for breakfast, babies?

    Congrats to Karen, Chris, RaeLynn and Tracey on their Level-1 Certs!!

  9. Sharon D

    Corey & Dan, congrats – you guys are awesome!! Great job – Karen, Chris, RaeLynn, Tracy, and Brody – on the Cert – way to go!!!

  10. Corey – I'm a little jealous 😉 Great job. Next time I'm in town maybe you can give me some pointers!

    Dan – congrats. That is impressive, to say the least.

  11. Kara

    Corey, way to go on the muscle up!!!!! looked AWESOME! Dan – way to go…. silent stalker. I watched you ROCK the Santa Clara challenge too! Looked incredible.

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