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Warmest welcomes to Raelynn Chase. Raelynn is going through her intro. sessions and her athleticism is impressive. She is strong on the rings! Word of mouth has been our strongest tool in spreading CrossFit. We want to thank everyone for referrals. Monday we will launch an incentive plan to show our appreciation.

Lingerie Football League. Yes this is apparently for real. Women playing for teams such as the San Diego Seducttion and the Dallas Desire will be competing in full contact football wearing sports bras and mini-shorts. Post thoughts to comments. 




-Power Snatch

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  1. Jon

    I looked at pictures of LFL players. Everyone has the same figure (think Hooters), from wide receiver to offensive linewoman. Shocker. If this really were a serious endeavor, where are the 300+lb players that can create a hole for the running back? How come the running back's legs look like a car model's rather than a pair of tree trunks? I won't say it's degrading to those in the league–it's their choice. No, it's just degrading to everyone else (and to the sport of football). Prediction: The LFL ends up on Spike TV within a couple seasons.

  2. Jake Howard

    i haven't checked out any of the LFL stuff, but from jon's description it sounds like i might have to make time to catch a game :).

  3. Trey Dowell

    I have to be brutally honest here–if they had 300+lb players wearing sports bras and mini-shorts, I would find another sport to watch. And yes, I'm equal opportunity as well–if the NFL did the same thing, I wouldn't watch that EITHER! 🙂

  4. Lynn

    Hey, ladies. Let's all remember what women stand for…it's not this crap. Wow…just degrading. Yeah, yeah. I know…my feminist side comes out again.

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