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V.P. tied for fifteenth place after the first day


V.P. tied for fifteenth place after the first day

Congratulations to our team after a very respectable showing while completing the Sandbag Wod. V.P. is in a good position for the next day's challenge. At this writing, the time of the next workout (Saturday) is not known. Make sure to check the mainsite for updates, and watch the live feed.

Saturday Strength/Skill: Make-up Day

Start with a smooth base, massaging gently with fingertips. Then ………..


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  1. Great job, though I wish I could have seen some of it on the CFgames website archive. All I heard was the CFVP was at one point in the lead and then later that they finished. So… girls, more skin; guys, mohawks and tattoos. Then they may give you some time on camera. Either that or suck really bad because the last place team in the heat got the most airtime.
    Great job, recover fast, and kick some more ass! We'll be watching/listening/praying for you.

  2. Mike E

    You nailed it Doc…
    Looks like they have 2 more events today (Friday) at 5:35PM Central Time.
    (2) With a team of six athletes, complete as many 15' Rope climbs as possible in two minutes. Each team will have six ropes.
    (3) Immediately following Event 2, each athlete will have 2 minutes to establish a 1 rep max Clean. The teams score will be the sum of each individual's max load.
    Go get'em CFVP!

  3. Kara Funk

    Team VP!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whoo Hoo!!!
    Been going to the computer every second I have had a chance. Will be all over the highlights tonight, with a bud light in hand to celebrate. Congrats on 15th!! YOU ARE All INCREDIBLE!!

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