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Up For a Challenge?


Up For a Challenge?

WOD 1 

WOD 2  Tonight brought out a little Men vs. Women workout. The women had an advantage of using a 10 lb. med ball over the 20 pounder for the men. This was equalized with the very powerful rowing display put on by Neil and his son, Andrew. Each team had to complete rowing 3000 meters. Partners switched after each completed 20 wall ball shots.  This cycle continued until the finish line. The race was dead even up until we reached under 1000 meters and the men started to pull ahead. I smell a rematch. Great job everyone.

I have been contacted with information about a very interesting event. The 2008 Ashleigh Tiller Memorial Challenge to benefit Cystic Fibrosis with be held on November 15th. This will be open to men and women. The events are "Stongman" challenges including a Med Ball Throw, Deadlift, One Arm dumbbell Clean and Press, Carry and Sled Drag, Rope Pull, and Prowler Drag. I read over some of the details and this is something many of you can compete in. I will post some copies and start recruiting. We don't have much time to train so get ready!

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