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Turning the Tide


Turning the Tide

Obama 2 

I'm not sure if this is valid but the person who sent me this photo claims it is President Obama. I have to say I approve of his pull-up! Check out this facility. Could this be the start of a CrossFit Nation? CrossFit has grown exponentially. We affiliated in October of 2007 and I believe we were around the 350th affiliate. They are now closing in on 1000 affiliates! CrossFit gyms can be found all over the world. There are many opposing thoughts on this rapid growth and whether the quality of CrossFit is being upheld. I do know the more places that can provide a better healthy life for people, the better. Speaking of……..

The New Year marks the growth of participation in fitness programs. Many gyms will launch special programs to capitalize on this new found motivation.While we are in a continually declining state of health, this is a good thing. Get people moving; any way you can! Nutriformance here in St. Louis launched their "hybrid training" classes. Can anyone tell me what that means? My initial response to another "gimmicky" fitness program was pretty sour. However, it is a new year and I too have made resolutions. One of them is to not focus energy on all the bad out there in the fitness world but to instead turn my energy towards the great things I can do for our members. View the video and post some thoughts. Just don't make fun of the "cute" colored kettlebells. Also, the owner claims we make 600 food choices a day! I don't know about you but I may make 20- or 30 tops! OOPS! There I go again.

Video on "Hybrid Training" at Nutriformance

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  1. Lynn

    A lot of that sure looks like we're already doing here at Cross Fit! I will say that I liked the cones – they might be fun to work with.

  2. Lynn

    Sure looks like a lot of the stuff we're already doing here at Cross Fit! They need to get with the program!

    I will say that I like the cones – they look fun.

  3. Mike

    Another gym designed around how you look and not improving your lvl of fitness…
    You can tell by the extensive array of mirrors and lack of chalk and iron.
    Shouldn't the ropes be hanging from the rafters?
    600 food choices a day?! I thought there were only 2 food choices you have to make each day? Eat what you should, or eat what you shouldn't?
    On the up-side, he talks about reducing calories to lose weight instead of just doing their 45mins of rubber band pulling.

  4. dan thacker

    Lynn, I might have to make you do 500 bear crawls for that comment. haha. Their movements were very lacking in range of motion. No real strength of skill involved here. Also, bands, pulleys, and reebok steps will only take you so far. I'm not saying they're bad!! Remember I have a new attitude now. Aside from the idea of using high intensity intervals, this is NOTHING like CrossFit. Yeah, I still find the 600 food choices per day absurd. Did he really say that or did I misunderstand? I just had lunch. Here are the choices I made. Chicken. Boneless. Breast. 1 breast. Tyson brand. Cut into slices. Cooked with some olive oil (Colavita brand), pepper, garlic, and salt. Green beans. Fresh. Cut in half. Cooked with a sprinkly of parmesan cheese (Kraft). Large glass of water. Tap. Cold. There. 19 choices in one meal…and ridiculously detailed. Using ridiculous details, maybe 100 choices a day.

  5. brandon jackson

    Just to let you know that guy(Tim Tialdo) doing the interview with Dale Huff is a crossfitter. I wounder what he really thought of the hybrid class? I am also scratching my head on the 600 choices per day on food. Hey Dan here is mine: 1 cup cottage cheese, 1 cup bluebarries, 1 cup strawberries, 1 cup red grapes, large glass of water = 5 choices. Oh wait I washed the fruit off, that would make a grand total of 6 choices. I'm not making fun of the hybrid class because some fitness is better than none, but are people looking for some fitness or RESULTS!!!!!!!

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