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CFVP would like to announce a new addition to our coaching staff. Lisa Moore will be staffing some classes. Lisa has developed into a top athlete and recently got certified. She expresses a passionate desire to help others and displays excellent teaching skills. Welcome aboard Lisa.

We apologize for the late post on our CFVP/Bar X Team Competition results. It was a great final day competition and we would like to thank Bar X for participating and supplying some great food. Thank you Katy Zwick for providing us some great pictures. We will work on posting a photo album. We would like to congratulate all athletes. It was a tough 3 week competition that brought out the best in everyone. The top 3 teams that qualified battled hard and the result was a tie for first with “The Spit Wodders” taking first place and “Isdeschitt” taking second place. Great job everyone and we look forward to the next event.

team 3-001

team 2-001

team 1-001

Workout of the Day
Dumbbell Warm up x 3 rounds
5 Clean and Jerk
5 Front Squat

Bulgarian Split Lunge
5 x 8 each leg
Push Press
5 x 5

Compare to 4-28
6 minute ladder
6 Burpees
6 Box Jumps
3-4-5……Squat Clean
Score is total number Squat Cleans
Rx 155/103 24″ 20″
Scaling Notes: Step-ups, Dumbbells

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