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Tuesday 7-15-2014


Tuesday 7-15-2014

Warm up to include Med Ball drills and Wall ball practice

Back Squat 5 x 5 @8 RPE. After each set perform 5 KB Swings (goal is to use a heavier weight than you normally use. You don’t have to get the KB overhead)

Skin the Cat or Progression 5 x 3-5



Competition: KB Swing/CTB Pull-up  Rx #70/#53

Sport: KB Swing/Pull-up   Rx #70/#53

Performance: KB Swing/Body Row or Bent Row  Rx #53/#35


Beginner CrossFit Class

Warm up barbell Complex: 3 rounds 5RDL, 5 OH Press, 5 Back Squat. Warm up/teach hollow body/hollow rocks

(A)Learn Deadlift/RDL  (B) Deadlift 5 x 5 towards relative max

(A) Learn OH Press/Push Press   (B) OH press 5 x 5 towards relative max