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CFVP has 9 teams competing in the CFVP/Bar X Team Competition. Again, we sincerely apologize that we had to have members volunteer to sit this one out. We want everyone to always have the opportunity to compete and our next gym event will offer that. Here are the 9 teams. Good luck everyone.

CFVP “Tuff and Buff”  Sam Schaeffer, Christopher Hanley, Katie Behr, Amanda Miller

CFVP “Spit Wodders”  Tim Sutter, Eric Wallach, Robin Wilhelm, Laura Cordes

CFVP “3 Cleans and a Jerk”  Jared Van Anne, Jonn Berghult, Lisa Moore, Lisa Shuchardt

CFVP “Salami and Swiss”  Ryan Davis, Randall Crowley, Angie Siebert, Carrie Stigers

CFVP “Pood for Time”  Steve Himmelman, Brian Rouse, Shannon Shea, Dawn Wilhelm

CFVP “Chalk it up”  Dan Furnas, Trey Dowell, Monica Kunkel, Veronica Bretzke

CFVP “Isdeschitt”  Dan DeWeese, Dave DeWeese, Janet Candela, Jessica Herr

CFVP “Regulators”  Jeff Larson, Dwayne Sutter, Kim Larson, Melanie Jackson

CFVP “Non Clean Jerks”  Kerry Herr, Mike Bell, Sandy Kalloas, Alicia House

Workout of the Day
WOD #1
3 Rounds for Time
10 Back Squats
250 Meter Run
Rx 225/133

WOD #2
AMRAP 6 Minutes
30 Double Unders
20 Push-ups
10 Pull-ups
Scaling Notes: Singles x 3, Body Rows

WOD #3
9 Minute Cap Ladder
Row Calories 10-15-20….etc. (each round increases 5)
Toe to Bar 7-10-13…etc. (each round increases 3)
Snatch 4-5-6…etc. (each round increases 1)
Rx 105/73
Scaling Notes: V-ups, Clean vs. Snatch, Dumbbells, Hang Starting position

NOTE: Larger class sizes will need to alternate order. You should have time to cool down/warm up each workout.


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