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Tryout Results


Tryout Results

First of all thank you everyone for coming out today. We crammed alot of workouts into almost five hours and it was a blistering pace. Many specators were very helpful in moving gear for us and helping out. We appreciate it. Thank you judges. It wouldn't be possible without you here.

Athletes: We can't say enough about the level of performance among you all. It was simply amazing to see so many great athletes give it their best. The scaled competitors simply killed it. It's hard to call you "scaled" anymore. The Rx'd division had some veterans and first timers as well. We give a huge shout out for those of you who chose to go Prescribed your first time competing. You handled it with relentless effort and class.

We aren't going to post the actual numbers, points, and times. We will say this. It was close! Separation from one place to another was as low as 8 points and in once case, 10 seconds. That is what we like to see. Everyone gave it their all and it showed. CFVP is blessed to have so many great athletes. Here are the results in rank. The top 3 in scaled Men's and Women's qualify. The top 6 Prescribed Men's and Women's qualify. GREAT JOB EVERYONE!!!! Now….train hard for HOA.

Scaled Females: 1- Robin Wilhelm 2- Jamie Reuther 3- Amy Wallhermfechtel 4- Sandy Kalloas

Scaled Males: 1- Ben Geisler 2- Carlo Spadari 3- Steve Himmelman 4- Brett Burlingame 5- Kerry Herr 6- Mike Derenski

Prescribed Females: 1- Tonya Charland 2- Margaret Junker 3- Darby Seymour 4- Stephanie Teague 5- Janet Candela 6- Melanie Jackson 7- Lisa Moore 8- Brooke Van Anne

Prescribed Males: 1- Stephen Cooper 2- Jared Van Anne 3- Louis Clough 4- Ed Lampitt 5- Brandon Jackson 6- Dan Thacker 7- Donny Harris 8- Dan DeWeese

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