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Training for Life


Training for Life


We were fortunate to have great weather as we fished offshore in Venice, Louisiana. Sunny skies, calm seas, and temps rising to 72 provided ideal conditions. If you have ever had the pleasure of fighting large offshore fish, you can appreciate how intense it can be. Each battle is a workout, lasting anywhere from 10-30 minutes on average. Some anglers have been known to battle huge fish for more than 6 hours! This is a perfect example of functional training. You must have a solid base and have your feet anchored. You must maintain good spine angle or your back will be thrashed  within a few minutes. This is deadlifting with the resistance at the end of a rod length instead of under your hips. It is exhausting.  The picture above is presumably a very large Warsaw Grouper. The rod is in a holder and 2 guys are fighting it. One is cranking the handle and one is pulling the line. Still, the fish won the battle. An unprepared angler holding on to that rod may find themselves overboard. It was very cool to realize how my training in the gym helps me to do something I love. Training helps us do things better, safer, and longer. It improves quality of life.

Think about the things you enjoy doing outside of the gym. Even consider things that aren't really recreation, but simply demands of your everyday life. How does training help you? Does is keep you safe, less prone to injury? Does it help to make things more enjoyable?

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