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Tracy Strubberg has been consistent and it shows. Her progress has been steady and she is strong! Ricki Tischler has partnered up with Karen Wilson and I think we have converted her to CrossFit! She's going to be attending some group classes so make her feel at home.

We have been pretty tough on technique and range of motion. As things get tough and fatigue sets in it's easy to start clipping repetitions. While we base modifications and scaling according to strength and ability, we must hold tight to our standards. If you can complete a movement as prescribed you can bet we are going to ask you do each and every repetition correctly. Remember doing it right will  give your workout meaning and will make you better. It's all about getting better. Great job to Monday's crew on the push-ups and squats!

Wednesday Strength/Skill Work: Back Sqaut 5 X 5

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