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Courtney 7 Courtney may beat me for posting this picture but I just love it so much!

CFVP has some sad days ahead. Courtney has accepted a new job in Austin, Texas. She will be moving sometime in September. She has become a big part of our family and one heck of an athlete. She qualified for our 2009 Affiliate Team. Fortunately we still have some much valued time with her. Orie Shafer has accepted a teaching position in Ann Arbor, Michigan. While this is a great opportunity for him, we will miss him greatly. He has been a big part of developing CrossFit Valley Park. He is also due to relocate in September.

Our Athlete of the Month is Claire Thurmond. Many of you may not know Claire. She was our Biggest Winner co-winner. She trains on her own but you may catch her occasionally jumping into a class. Her story continues to be a huge inspiration. Her progress since the Biggest Winner competition has only accelerated. This is someone who had never had experience in the gym. She used to be scared, intimidated, and unwilling to exercise. Still, she is willing to go through workouts alone. I will have her tell the story so keep a look out on our "Athlete of the Month" page. Everyone needs to read this. Great job Claire!!!

They are testing for steroid use at the 2009 CrossFit Games. This has stirred quite a debate. The Games are now offering cash prizes. It seems things always change once money is involved.   Many CrossFitters came from a bodybuilding or athletic background. The sports world is plagued with chemicals to enhance performance and physiology. Athletes follow advice of coaches. Kids learn from our so called "heroes" of the game. Competition in sport is tighter than ever. Even average Joe's can get a precription from their doctor for "hormone therapy." Where do we draw the line? Isn't caffeine a stimulant used to enhance performance? What about the millions of supplements flying off the shelves at your local GNC? I have developed a dislike for professional sports. It's all about money and I fail to see inspiration from it. CrossFit is a sport. I hope it can maintain it's integrity. My vote is to keep money out of it and keep it clean!! Focus on what makes it great.

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  1. Jon

    Congrats, Courtney and Orie! And Orie, last time we talked about it didn't you say you thought it was a long shot? Well, way to go! We'll miss you both. But as I'm sure you both know, you're heading to a couple great cities for CrossFitting, so keep it up!

    Yeah, not sure about my feelings on the cash prize thing. Seems like CrossFit is moving towards becoming a mainstream sport. I suppose as long as they continue to post free WODs and other stuff on the net, I'm fine with that. Heck, maybe I'll even try to get drafted someday 🙂

    I do agree with the steroid testing at the Games. This is a good move for CrossFit's reputation. Popularity has been growing rapidly–imagine the consequence if this year's winners were discovered after the fact to have used steroids. World's Fittest Humans? Tough to make that claim guilt free if steroids are involved.

    Although, I do think they should've announced earlier that the Games would be drug free. By leaving it unmentioned until now, there are perhaps some competitors who assumed it didn't matter–Whatever increases work capacity across broad time and modal domains is cool, right?–and while I'm all for keeping it clean, I don't like the idea of embarrassing anyone on the spot or endangering anyone (Ever quit steroids right before a strenuous competition?)

  2. Corey

    Orie and Courtney you both have been great to have around the gym and you both will be missed by everyone. Congrats on the great new jobs!!!!! WE have many Friday night workouts this summer before you both leave

  3. Rochelle

    what is going on?? I just moved to MO last year and my friends who I have just met are leaving!!!! Am i missing something???

    Jeff and I wish the best to both of you in your future endeveors. We hope you find a good CF gym out there!

  4. Court

    Congrats, Claire!
    And yes, Dan, I will likely try to beat you the next time I'm in. I may enlist some help. Any takers?
    Bret and I are sad to be leaving everyone, but who doesn't want some friends to visit in Austin. Right?

  5. Chris

    It's a shame we're losing such good people. We should have a Friday night lights session for them and include some of their favorite movements (i.e bar muscle ups).

    It's my fear that PED testing is an exercise in futility. The number of PEDs in use is great and the tests used to detect them are costly. Those to which these shortcuts matter will only find other more creative ways to continue cheating.

  6. Sharon

    Courtney and Orie, Congratulations on the new jobs – very exciting!! You will be dearly missed and we are looking forward to seeing you whenever you're back in town!!!

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