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Today was a great day for CrossFit Valley Park. First of all, thank you to CrossFit TNT, volunteers, judges, and all athletes. It was a huge event and it ran smoothly. As usual, another CrossFit competition left us all in awe of the amazing performances and a strong sense of community.

Our Affiliate team battled to a 4th place finish. A big shout out to Luke Steffen and Ryan Wright who competed for the first time. They did awesome. Jared Van Anne, Natalie Sayers, Melissa Schwab, and Dawn Wilhelm were solid as always.

Cory Buerck finished 2nd in the individual men division. Jake Howard earned a 5th place spot. David Corthwaite got a #300 lb. Overhead Squat and was tied for 3rd after the first event. Unfortunately work called and David had to miss the 2nd workout, taking him out of the competition. The highlight of the day had to be Melissa Hurley. Tonya Charland had to pull out of the competition due to family matters and Melissa stepped in for her friend. Melissa fought with determination against a field of top female competitors. It was an emotional battle and it was almost like watching two people act as one. With Tonya in her heart, she earned the FIRST PLACE podium. Melissa is a true warrior.

As coaches, we couldn't be more proud of CrossFit Valley Park. Thank you all for your efforts. Pics and video coming soon.

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  1. Tonya

    "Positively EMOTIONALLY charged" doesn't begin to describe how I feel about CFVP. The sincere care and commitment by all of you is a blessing to everyone who walks through the doors at CFVP. Thanks for all the thoughtful messages. Melissa, my friend, you are my guardian angle. GREAT WORK TO ALL THE COMPETITORS THIS WEEKEND!!! And as I realized this weekend, GREAT WORK to the entire CFVP for showing your true colors of fellowship, support, and a lot of love. ….In the Lord's hands we trust…

  2. Mike d

    I never expect less than great things from our group, I would have been there had I not had my car full of Mylar balloons. Congratulations to the competitors

  3. Melissa Schwab

    Once again, total awesomeness! If you've never competed, I encourage you to try it. Results aren't what truly matters, but the experience. You will never regret being a part of a competition. Thanks to my team for giving everything they had, to the coaches for their advice and support, to the members that came and cheered us on for their encouragement. I am so proud to be a part of CFVP. Cory, Jake, Dave, and Melissa you guys are a complete inspiration for me. Tonya, I'm praying for your family daily!!

  4. Melissa Hurley

    Way to go CFVP, awe inspiring team takes 4th. Way to go!!! Cory, Jake, and David my mentors, superb outing. I am so very blessed to be part of such an amazing 'box'!! The competition was a bit of an emotional roller coaster for me. Thank you to the best coaches/trainers!! Thank you to all the supportive and encouraging friends!! and thank you fellow athletes who have and continue to mentor me!! His strength not mine.

  5. Kara Funk

    whow!!!!!! just returned home to read the website and hear all about what happened over the weekend. Fellas….Cory, David,& Jake you guys inspire me every workout – WAY TO GET IT DONE EVERY TIME. Melissa, wish I could have seen it, friend! You are excellent all out 100% everytime. And team VPers, everyone else Dan mentioned above – what awesome athletes you all are! Congratualtions CFVP!

  6. Lisa Moore

    Way to go CFVP, and Darby over on ICE. What an amazing event. The team events were so amazing to watch as well as the individual events. What awesome "stars" represent Valley Park…..One day…Maybe. And Melissa, way to step in for a friend.

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